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Hand drying

We offer a complete range of

dispensers and refills: from functional

options for basic washrooms,

to high-capacity systems for

demanding environments.

- A broad selection of roll and

folded towels

- Different paper to suit your needs

(Premium hand towels are extra

soft and offer best absorption, while

our Universal range provides good

everyday value)

- Ways to reduce waste and cost –

like single sheet dispensing

Skincare and aircare

Our soaps, lotions, and sanitizers are

carefully developed to meet hygiene

requirements, in any environment,

while caring for skin.

- Most products meet EU Ecolabel

standards for environmental care

and comply with the most stringent

regulations and certifications

- Our soaps come in different formats

to suit every situation – foams,

liquids, and sprays

- Welcome your guests to an always-

fresh washroom with our aircare

systems, available in spray or tabs

and in a wide range of fragrances.

Toilet paper

Our toilet paper systems offer

convenience, style, and functionality,

whether your washroom is big and

busy, or small and stylish.

- Clever designs to reduce costs and

consumption (like high-capacity rolls

with single sheet dispensing, that

reduce consumption by 40%)

- High-capacity systems to make sure

you don’t run out of toilet paper

- A wide selection of toilet paper refills

and dispensers in various systems

What we offer

Whatever business you’re in, our high-quality washroom

range helps you make the right impression while caring for

your customers and colleagues.

We also offer complementary products such as facial tissue,

waste bins, sanitary bag holders, and toilet seat cleaners.

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