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Washroom Plus

Choose Washroom Plus products when you want to show

you care and provide great service to many different kinds

of users.

Complementary products:

Waste Bin 50 l (B1), Bin Liner 50 l (B1), Waste Bin 5 l (B3), Bin Liner 5 l (B3), Sanitary Bag Holder (B5), Sanitary

Towel Bag (B5), page 28; Facial Tissue Dispenser (F1), Facial Tissue (F1), page 42; Air Freshener Dispenser (A1), Air freshener spray (A1),

page 33; Toilet Seat Cleaner (S2), page 31.

Tork Xpress


Multifold Hand Towel

Dispenser (H2) Art no: 552000

One-at-a-time dispensing for a hygienic,

caring feel

Refill: Advanced – Tork Xpress


Soft Multifold Hand

Towel Art no: 120288

Tork Matic


Hand Towel Roll Dispenser

(H1) Art no: 551000

One-at-a-time dispensing, for best


Refill: Advanced – Tork Matic


Soft Hand

Towel Roll Art no: 290067

Tork Foam Soap Dispenser (S4)

Art no: 561500

Soft push for easy handling – ideal for

children and elderly

Refill: Premium – Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap

Art no: 520701

Tork Mini Liquid Soap Dispenser (S2)

Art no: 561000

Compact dispenser size with very small


Refill: Shower: Premium – Tork Hair & Body Mini Liquid

Soap Art no: 420602

Lotion: Premium – Tork Non Perfumed

Hand & Body Lotion Art no: 420202

Tork Twin Mid-size Toilet Roll Dispenser

(T6) Art no: 557500

Loads two mid-size rolls, making sure toilet

paper is always available

Refill: Advanced – Tork Mid-size Toilet Roll

Art no: 127530

Tork Twin Coreless Mid-size Toilet

Roll Dispenser (T7) Art no: 472058

Compact design, attractive and space-saving

Refill: Advanced – Tork Coreless Mid-size

Toilet Roll Art no: 472199

Tork Elevation line

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